Mulching Services Paramus, NJ

Mulching Services in Paramus, NJ

Are you in need of mulching services in Paramus, NJ? At Danmar Landscaping, our fully licensed and insured lawn care professionals are up to the task. We are a fully licensed and insured landscaping business, offering a whole host of services for our valued residential and commercial customers. Our full service company can provide you with mulch installation services and we have the following mulch services available:

  • Black dyed mulch services
  • Red dyed mulch services
  • Brown dyed mulch services
  • Hemlock mulch services
  • Cypress mulch services
  • Cedar mulch services
  • Playground mulch services

In addition to the varieties listed above, we can arrange for other types of mulch, per request. When it comes to landscaping and lawn care, it may be tempting to think only of design and aesthetics. But mulching in Paramus, NJ is a very important service that has a lot to offer your garden and outdoor space. The main purpose of landscape mulch is to serve as a safeguard against weeds, harsh climate conditions and soil dehydration. When mulch is placed on top of soil, it absorbs the sun’s rays, keeping the underlying dirt cool and protected. In the winter, mulch prevents frost-heaving by ensuring that the soil does not freeze. Some mulches have even been shown to increase soil health and fertility, making this material a wise investment for a healthy lawn or garden.

When it comes to Paramus, NJ mulching services and any other landscape/lawn care service, Danmar Landscaping does it all. When you choose us, we promise to deliver beautiful landscaping work, highly skilled workmanship and efficient labor. For more information and a free estimate, give us a call today at (201) 389-3617.

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Mulching Services Paramus, NJ