Hedge Trimming Mahwah, NJ

Hedge Trimming in Mahwah, NJ

Looking for hedge trimming service in Mahwah, NJ? Danmar Landscaping provides hedge trimming services in Mahwah, NJ.

The hedges are an important part of your yard. They give it character and a nice thing to look at. Hedges can get out of control growing in weird directions that you’ll need to trim it every so often, it’s like trimming your hair. There are a few key things to know when you trim your hedges. The blade you use should always be razor shade. A dull blade cannot cut as well leaving behind sap to stay like a hard glue causing problems for future growth. You’ll also want to work around the hedge taking your time rather than just random spots with no order. This will be a better job in the end, looking nice and neat. Hedge trimming can be fun but you’ll want to stay extra safe. Wearing protective clothing is a key and safety gloves to not risk cutting your hands. When this is all finished your yard will look great with freshly trimmed hedges.

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Hedge Trimming Mahwah, NJ